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Far from bust: five ways MOOCs are helping people get on in life

How Massive Open Online Courses are maturing into useful tools.


An innovative form of cheating emerges in MOOCs

Students are creating ‘multiple personalities’ to cheat on MOOCs. How do they do that? What are its implications?

Andrew Ng Is Probably Teaching More Students Than Anyone Else on the Planet. (Without a University Involved.) | EdSurge News

One selling point of MOOCs (massive online open courses) has been that students can access courses from the world’s most famous universities. Th

Massive Open Online Courses From Best Universities

Takethiscourse provides Massive Online Open Courses from the world’s best universities, including Michigan, Stanford, Alberta, Hong Kong, University of London and many more.

MOOCs Find Their Audience: Professional Learners and Universities | EdSurge News

In Oct 2011, a few Stanford professors offered three online courses which were completely free. The strong public interest in these courses caugh

Harvard MOOCs: Free Online Courses, And More –

Harvard University offers online education in many subject areas. The leading U.S. institution lets learners from around the world study with free courses.

MOOCs Are Global. So Where Do They Stand With New European Privacy Laws? | EdSurge News

In less than three weeks, strict privacy regulations will go into effect for the European Union. And that’s forcing companies and colleges around th

How Harvard Is Trying to Update the Extension School for the MOOC Age | EdSurge News

You could call extension schools the original MOOCs. Universities first opened these offshoots more than 100 years ago, and at the time they wer

At Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey MOOCs Help Anticipate the Future of Higher Ed — Class Central

What will university education be like ten to fifteen years from now? One Mexican university isn’t waiting to find out.

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